Wonderbelly Games
Based in Seattle, WA

Founding date:
February 12, 2017


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Wonderbelly Games is a Seattle-based independent game studio made up of Andrea Roberts, Bob Roberts, and Kurt Loidl. They’re a tiny team of close friends who used to work on big AAA games: Bob led the design team on Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, while Kurt and Andrea worked on the Fable series and more at Microsoft. Now they follow their hearts and their bellies to make games for you to gorge on or savor one bite at a time.


Kurt, Andrea, and Bob have each worked for more than a decade in the videogame industry. Bob and Andrea got into games shortly after getting married, and then they met Kurt met while working together at Xbox way back in 2008. After their day jobs, they’d all get together to make more games with XNA. They released three Xbox Indie games under the studio name Kindling Games.

Bob worked for 13 years at Monolith Production, rising up from entry level testing to eventually lead the design team for Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.

At Xbox, Kurt worked as a cross between a programming SWAT team member and Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. When a game project got derailed, he was the cavalry sent in to fix it. He later decided he’d rather work on a smaller team, and became gameplay lead for the iPad MOBA game, Solstice Arena. When that shipped, he got to work on his indie PC strategy game, Hellenica.

With a background in narrative, UX, and game design, Andrea worked at Xbox on everything from epic AAA games like Fable III and Ninja Gaiden II to the design of experimental prototypes for multi-screen experiences and interactive TV shows.

In 2016, Bob and Andrea had a daughter and Andrea decided to take a break to hang out with her baby and work on indie projects. They helped Kurt finish up Hellenica, and when that shipped, they were ready to start fresh on their next collaboration: Roundguard.


Team & Repeating Collaborators

Kurt Loidl

Andrea Roberts
Game Designer / Artist

Bob Roberts
Design / Audio / Code

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